I haven’t been on tumblr for nearly a year now and reading back over these posts, I feel like a completely different person. I started a new one up a couple of days ago so if you’d like to follow me over there, please feel free. It’s

I made the url quite quickly so it may be subject to change.

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Anonymous said: You seem to have disappeared again! Hope you're ok!

I haven’t! I’ve just been so busy! I’m also thinking of just making a new tumblr now.

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Anonymous said: Just dropping by with love!

:) <3

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Anonymous said: your so beautiful!

Thank you :)

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Anonymous said: Hi! Have you seen the hobbit? How do you think it compares to the lord of the rings?

I have! Haha I liked it, but it wasn’t quite Lord of the Rings.

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Anonymous said: Which LOTR is your favourite?

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Anonymous said: Sorry if this is... strange, but i remember a long time ago you posted a video of a guy making himself climax without his hands? Could you repost it please? im on my phone so i can't search! thanks! love your blog!

I can’t find it in my own archive I’m afraid, but here’s the video on another blog: :) Thank you.

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I’m finally writing the update that I’ve been saying I’ll write for quite a while. I’m sorry it’s taken me so long and I’m also sorry to the messages I haven’t replied to, everything has been a little bit crazy recently.

The big news: I’ve left University. 

Temporarily, at least. I was just too unhappy studying English and Creative Writing. Reading and writing became a chore instead of my escape/passion and I just didn’t want to continue anymore. I’m pretty sure it was contributing to my low moods. So I made the difficult (and absolutely petrifying) decision to leave and pursue a different career. I’ve always loved the idea of being a midwife but I didn’t study Biology at A level and so thought the path was closed off to me. However, I found an access course that starts in September - essentially a foundation year - that I can do which then allows me to go on to complete a degree in Midwifery at any University. So I’m in the process of completing my paperwork to leave MMU and my application for the access course has been sent off! I’m really excited and scared at the same time about it all.

The secondary news: I no longer take antidepressants.

I went to see a psychiatrist because the three different antidepressants I’d tried weren’t working and he prescribed a fourth. However whilst all of the prescriptions were being sorted (and this took weeks) I ran out of Prozac, went through the withdrawal and came out the other side. I’ve been tablet free for about a month and two weeks now and I honestly feel so much better. I sleep better, eat better and deal with problems better. When I told the psychiatrist this, he said in that case to continue without. The difference in how I feel is really something. I’m not sluggish or numb, and I’ve lost quite a bit of weight that the tablets had put on. 

I think that’s about it for the main news. I’ve been working more hours to earn more money for the new course and spending a lot of time trying to sort out the move in degrees, which is why I’ve been absent for a while. Looking back on this blog, most of the stuff I’ve said/posted has been pretty depressing… So in a short while I might move to a new tumblr and put this behind me. 

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Anonymous said: that's good then! hope things aren't up in the air anymore! :)

They are a little but in a good way! Busy day but I’ll try to write it up later :)

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Anonymous said: hey! where have you been lately?

Sorry! There’s been huge changes in my life and I’ve been so busy! I’ll write an update either tonight or tomorrow :)

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